Be a part of Namibian large carnivore conservation
Cheetah at Kanaan
The Kanaan volunteer research program is a once in a lifetime experience. Discover what all 33,000 hectares of Kanaan has to offer! Explore our mountains as you search for caves and hyena movements, marvel at our vast expanse of open grasslands as you help gather wildlife population numbers, and play on our red sand dunes as you discover the balanced and adapted world of our unique desert animals. Unwind at the end of the day with a breathtaking sunset behind the dunes and mountains as you listen to a chorus of our little barking geckos, and start the next with the tranquil silence of the waking desert.

Kanaan is N/a’an ku sê’s newest and youngest satellite research station focusing on studying large carnivores, principally our spotted and brown hyenas. Kanaan also focuses on rehabilitating the land, environment, and desert ecosystems. As a volunteer, you will help become a vital part to our goal.
Activities include, but are not limited to:
  • Learning about GPS tracking in the field
  • Learning about camera traps and analyzing the image data
  • Learning about the local flora and fauna
  • Identifying signs and tracks of the local wildlife
  • Helping with wildlife population census
  • Aiding in large carnivore study
  • Exploring the vast and abundant landscapes on site investigations
  • Leisure activities such as sundowners and star-gazing
  • Other activities may arise during your stay, we appreciate your flexibility and enthusiasm